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Twaydabae's Pantry Favorites


This delicious box has all my secret building blocks for amazing meals! I hand-picked twelve items, from my single barrel fish sauce collab with Red Boat to a custom Viet coffee phin filter from Nam Coffee.

From My Kitchen to Yours:

New Bae Seasoning (8.45 oz), Nam Coffee District One Blend (12 oz), Custom Phin Filter, Fly by Jing Chengdu Crunch (6 oz), Longevity brand condensed milk (14 oz), Red Boat Vietnamese Simmer Sauce (12.5 oz), Maggi Seasoning (6.7 oz), Huy Fong Sambal (18 oz), Mama Shrimp Tom Yum (1.93 oz), JHC Crushed Chili (8 oz), Marukan Rice Vinegar (12.7 oz), Vietnamese Kitchen Friends Tote

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