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"When it comes to buying fish sauce, there are hundreds of varieties out there, and if you head to an Asian market you’ll be able to find more regionally-specific brands and variations. But if we had to choose one brand that’s an all-around winner in terms of availability and flavor, we’d go with Red Boat every time. "
"The scent of Red Boat's fish sauce was of the sea and not of fishiness. If you've tasted the difference between fleur de sel and iodized table salt, then you can imagine the gulf in flavors between Red Boat and its additive-laden brethren. There's no aggressive smack of salinity in the 40N or 50N. Instead, there is a rounded, mellowed, briny marriage of its two ingredients and an almost sweet, buttery finish that is especially noteworthy in the 50N."
“Anchovy salt makes adding that coveted funky-salty-earthy burst easier than ever. I just sprinkle it on whatever I'm cooking instead of regular salt, and there it is, the magical, mystical power of umami.”
"Here, in the past couple of years, fish sauce, like so many other uniquely ethnic ingredients, has wandered into the universal pantry and is now used as a seasoning in non-Asian dishes as well. Red Boat has been my favorite brand of fish sauce because it’s fresh tasting, vibrant and light, and unlike some brands, there’s actually nothing fishy about it."
"Manufactured the old-school way with salted anchovies on the southern Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, Red Boat has become a chef favorite in recent years for being a first-press, extra-virgin fish sauce offered at up to 50°N—a very high concentration of nitrogen per liter, yielding an especially intense umami flavor."
"Red Boat’s singular flavor—less of a fish taste and more of a tantalizing funk like that of Iberico ham or Parmesan cheese—quickly garnered business from Vietnamese who remembered the traditional fish sauce from their homeland, nuoc mam nhi. "


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