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The Purest Fish Sauce on Earth

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It took three long years and many frustratingly bad batches of fish sauce until we produced a fish sauce with a deep amber glow, smelling of the sea, and redolent with umami. The nitrogen level clocked in at 40 degrees per liter, the highest on the US market at the time and by a large margin at that — most fish sauces on the market measure around 20 degrees of nitrogen. That number also was significant because of what it represents: Fish sauce that measures 40 degrees of nitrogen (or above) could only come from Phú Quốc. No other region in the world has the island’s unique climate and access to black anchovies. Combine that with careful salting and fermentation techniques, and you have fish sauce that has no parallel. When our most important taster, my mother, tried it and gave it her thumbs up, I knew I got it right. A great fish sauce made with just wild-caught black anchovies, salt, and time? I had finally cracked the code.

We believe we have the best-tasting fish sauce because we have the highest standards. We don't use anchovy extract and we use the purest ingredients. We bottle only first press fish sauce as indicated by our classic dark amber color, guaranteeing it is never diluted.


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