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Bay Area Restaurant x Red Boat Fish Sauce Mid Autumn Festival (9/29-10/1/23)

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Come eat tasty food and support the Asian community!

In celebration of Tết Trung Thu, or the Mid Autumn Festival, Red Boat is partnering with eight Bay Area eateries to raise money for Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ). From 9/29-10/1, each participant is offering a special, limited-time dish on their menu. 

A portion of the proceeds from these spectacularly delicious dishes will go to AAAJ to help the Asian immigrant community with legal and housing support:

    • State Bird Provisions (Fillmore): red trout with toasted hazelnuts & mandarin-garum vinaigrette and pork belly ‘salad’ with pluots & fish sauce
    • Ramen Shop (Oakland): moon cakes with Red Boat Fish Sauce salted egg yolks, red bean paste, and pepitas
    • Viridian (Oakland): pomelo salad (goi buoi) and lotus root salad (goi ngo sen) with prawn, pork belly (cured and sous vided in Red Boat Fish Sauce), pomelo, salad greens, Thai basil, and rau ram tossed in a nước chấm made with Red Boat Maple Bourbon Fish Sauce and topped with fish sauce cashew crumble and served with shrimp chips dusted in Red Boat Salt and fermented summer tomato powder 
    • Third Culture Bakery (Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Inner Sunset): Salted Egg Yolk Mochi Donut (9/29-10/31)
    • Boba Bliss (Dublin, Mountain View): Watermelon Lychee, Golden Kiwi Green Tea, and Brown Sugar Latte
    • Top Hatters Kitchen (San Leandro): house-made salty, sweet, spicy root chips seasoned with Red Boat Salt and caramel puff rice caramelized with Red Boat Palm Sugar
    • Het Say (San Jose): 
      • Baked goods - Vietnamese honeycomb cake with Red Boat Palm Sugar (bánh bò nướng thốt nốt), Vietnamese Mooncake (bánh trung thu mỹ thập cẩm) with a filling of Red Boat smoked maple bourbon fish sauce, bacon, more bourbon, chilacayote, camote rojo, calabaza, red tart cherries, pumpkin seeds, local almonds, and salted duck yolk. The crust is whole wheat and Red Boat palm sugar
      • pantry items - satế veggie chilies, satế dried shrimp
    • Bar Agricole (SoMa): tomato and avocado salad with fish sauce vinagrette


We are proud to donate the Red Boat ingredients for these menu items. Thank you, Red Boat Pham, for helping us raise money for a cause near and dear to our heart! 


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