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Premium Fish Sauce

Vietnamese AnchovyIn Vietnamese,
nước mắm means literally “salted fish water.” Red Boat "nước mắm nhi" is the secret ingredient in South East Asian cooking. The savory, sweet, and umami-laden sauce gives dishes a unique, rich and satisfying dimension.

Red Boat is an all-natural, first press, “extra virgin” Vietnamese fish sauce. It does not contain added water, preservatives or MSG. Made from a two hundred year-old, chemical free, artisanal process, Red Boat uses only the freshest cá com (black anchovy), salted minutes after leaving the sea then slow aged for over a year in traditional wooden barrels. Red Boat anchovies are sourced exclusively from the crystal clear waters off the Phu Quoc Island archipelago.

In the past, this top grade fish sauce was reserved for our family table in Vietnam but we are very excited to share our family secret with you. With pride we bring you the only authentic Vietnamese Phu Quoc fish sauce available in the United States.

Whether you are a master chef or enthusiastic home cook, we guarantee you the highest quality product and the best results.

World's Best Fish Sauce
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Bon Appetit Seal of Approval

Bon Appetit Editor-In-Chief, Adam Rapoport, says the magazine's new Seal Of Approval represnts products that no kitchen should be without. Of course, Red Boat makes the list along with some of the most tried-and-true food brands in American history. View the entire list here - Or watch some highlights from MSNBC 's Today Show:
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Our Story How The Best Fish Sauce is Made

How did owner Cuong Pham come to make the best fish sauce in the world? How is it made and what makes Red Boat so special? Answers to these questions and more can be found here. Learn about our artisanal process and the simple ingredients of a top quality fish sauce - salt & anchovies. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh... did we mention it's all natural & 100% pure?
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Fish Sauce Recipes

The best anchovies in the world come from Phu Quoc, Vietnam. That's why Red Boat tastes so good. However, fish sauce is traditionally used in numerous cuisines including Thai, Phillipine, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Lots to choose from, so we've assembled recipes from some top chefs to help get you started. Add fish sauce to your kitchen and start cooking with Red Boat Fish Sauce today.


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